I make what I call mosaics. They are usually not mosaics in the traditional sense where clearly bordered tiles cover the 2D plane that makes up the image. My "tiles" can be layered, they overlap and they have shapes of their own.


The process of making these mosaics involve looking for images. Capture them, but also process them in conventional imaging software to prepare them for processing. Next they will be processed by a software tool I custom wrote to make these mosaics. The output of the tool are layers that will be composed in conventional imaging software to create the final product.


The first of these mosaic images was created at the end of the last millennium. A lot of the processing later done by my software tool was then done by hand. It was only after the first version of my tool that I could truly create mosaics with the shapes I liked.


Some of the mosaics I create can be seen on the designated wordpress page. erikmolenaar.wordpress.com