GB Sudoku are made, so that you never have to guess, but always have to search


Sudoku Image

How to Solve

It is made up of

  • rows of nine cells,
  • columns of nine cells and
  • three times three matrices of nine cells,
  • and several additional matrices of nine cells. (double lined)

Each of the cells is shared among a row, a column and one, or more matrices.

The purpose of the game is to enter numbers in each of the cells. The GB-Sudoku is solved when each row, each column and each of the nine (and ther additional matrices) contains the numbers 1 to 9

(As a result no row, column or matrix can contain the same number twice).

This GB-Sudoku was brought to you by Gazillion-Bytes, ©2006-2020 Erik Molenaar.

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